Chapter 1 – Use Your House To Make Money

There’s so many ways to use your house to make money, it’s baffling. I’m going to be very specific in what I mean by “using your house” to make money. I don’t mean finding spare change or anything like that. I mean using your house as the asset that it truly is instead of the liability it becomes if you don’t pay your rent/mortgage.

This isn't a crash course on economics, but I’ll explain it to you the way a very wise man explained it to me…

When you stop “working” (aka earning a paycheck), assets feed you and liabilities eat you. 

Let’s look at your house as our case study.

If you (or whoever pays the bills at your residence) suddenly stopped paying the rent/mortgage, you would quickly realize that by the definition above, your house is a liability.

Let’s look at the flip side…

If you lost your job or stopped earning a paycheck but had people paying you rent to stay at your house, you’d be able to continue to pay the rent/mortgage. And if you kept your expenses intact, you’d even have profits left over. That’s when your house would be an asset.

And that’s the very first way of the 105 ways to make $1,000, we’ll discuss first.

1. Renting out your room

You can easily make $250 per week by renting out rooms at your home. If you live in a highly desirable area, you can charge even more and probably make $250 a night. In 4 weeks or 4 days, you’ll have that $1,000.

Now of course, you want to make sure that this is legal and all that stuff. I’m not an attorney. I’m just giving you friendly advice that has worked for thousands of others and me. 

Here’s the service which streamlines this process for you:

  • Airbnb
  • Kidandcoe (Same as Airbnb but exclusively for families and you can make more money) 

Here’s another way you can use your house to make money:

2. Renting out space 

People ALWAYS need storage. You can charge people to store stuff at your house. A spare bedroom or basement would work perfectly. 

You probably have a friend or family member that needs your help with this right now. A few boxes in an area of the house you’re not using anyway are a perfect idea when you need some fast cash. Also, think about those self-storage places. They make an absolute fortune. You would be solving a huge problem for people. Cha-ching! 

Try posting an ad for this on Craigslist and start interviewing or try this:

  • Roost (Only available in San Francisco, California but expanding to other cities soon. Hosts can set own amounts for day and make $140-$400 a month)
  • Sparechair (Launching soon. The twist here is people can use your space to work at home without being at their homes. The company is looking to help people network by making coworking fun and profitable. You can charge $10-$20 a day)
  • Peerspace (If your space is creatively designed and can allow for groups of people to work then consider this) 

You can even rent out areas of your home to filmmakers and producers:

  • Setscouter (If a director selects your home you can make up to $4,500 per day)

Here’s yet another way you can use your house to make money:

3. Renting out your garage  

Somebody needs to store their car in your garage. If your garage is relatively clean (or can be made so), this is a really easy way to make some extra cash.

Not to get too shady here, but people sometimes need to hide their cars more than they need to store them. It can be a divorce, a debt collector, or even an angry former friend that forces someone’s car into hiding. It can even be someone who wants to avoid parking on the street and subjecting themselves to parking permits. Help these people out and let them store their car in your garage.

  • Carmanation (Only available in San Francisco, California but expanding nationally soon)

You can use your house to make money this way too:

4. Renting out your driveway

If you live nearby a theater, stadium, park or any other large public meeting space, you can make plenty of money by renting out your driveway.

All you have to do is keep abreast of events in your area and set up an online advertisement of some sort and you’ll get plenty of inquiries. You’ll probably run out of parking spaces before you run out of people looking for them. 

Here’s another tip for this one: put up some corrugated signs before the event and write the words “Overflow Parking.” 

Depending on the event, you may be able to get someone to rent for a weekend or even a few more days. Remember you’re solving a problem. People PAY for convenience.

Here’s a source to check out for renting out your driveway and garage: 

5. Rent out your car, bike, boat, outdoor equipment & extra land

If you’re not using it then why not make money off it as an asset? You could be making $250 a week from that nice bike you bought last Christmas or rent your extra car out and make an extra $2,000 a month. 

For your bike, snowboard & surfboard:

For your car:

For your boat:

For your outdoor equipment:

For your extra land for campers:

6. Get paid to save energy

This company is looks to pay you to reduce your electricity at certain times and it’s completely free. In a nutshell, all you need to do is turn off a couple things when they send you texts. Then you’ll receive points which add up. After that all you need to do is click their “cash out” button on their dashboard. It’s simple as that. You won’t make a lot but $5 to $20 here and there can add up.

To learn more visit:   


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