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How 3 simple entrepreneurial related articles, which I’ll send you weekly, may give you a bigger bank account and a happier life

Here are the awesome results Kiya & Justin are getting:

It’s always been stressful for me to stay ahead and try to balance everything. The case studies and how-to guides have been very helpful! Now, I’m confident to start something of my own.
— Kiya B. (New York City, NYC)
With my day job and side projects, I just don’t have enough time to educate myself on the best entrepreneur-related topics. When I do it’s difficult to filter and extract diamonds. This has kept me motivated.
— Justin P. (San Francisco, CA)

Before I tell you why this is cool, here's a quick story...

This business, make money, entrepreneurial (whatever you want to call it stuff) reminds me of when I wanted to get better with women. (If you’re a lady reading, then think how this relates if you've ever wanted someone.)

Way back in college, I was shy and too much of a “nice guy” to get anywhere besides a hug. I always wanted to be self-sufficient instead of hoping I’d randomly bump into my soul mate.

One lonely night in my dorm room, I had a realization. Everyday I'm dying. (Scary, right?) And it could have appeared in my thoughts as something nicer. For instance, "you're not getting any younger" but it was blunt. The fact is if I wasn't going to take control of my life nobody would. In 60 years, I'd be on my death bed full of regret. Staring at my mirror I said:

"This is a defining opportunity. Will you grab it and change the course of your life?"

I thought that was a good way to go about it. 

But I didn't know the first thing about dating women. I didn't want to buy a bunch of weird books from so-called “pick-up artists." Plus my friends thought I was going to freak women out and make them look bad.

Anyway, I took the plunge and bought a dating book with some videos. It was much easier than I thought, and it only took me about 4 months to break me out of my shy shell. Okay I lied. It was terrifying and scarier than anything I ever did but because I wanted it so damn much I kept going. As I kept going I made more changes than I did the previous years.

The first time I got a kiss I thought: impossible. I’m an ugly duckling. Then it happened a few times more when I dated new women. I finally became a believer when I landed my first girlfriend. (She was cute!) I went from feeling like an impostor to waking up one day and realizing these small steps changed my life.

What’s great is now I have an endless pool of knowledge and experience to call upon if I’m ever single. And I don't have to really do much in putting myself out there. All I did was “try” at the start which snowballed... and that was tricky, but a lot of fun in turning me into someone I always wanted to become.

I guess the only downside is that my friends who thought I was a crazy are now asking me for advice on their relationships. But I don't mind because I always want to see my friends succeed and hopefully eat cake at their weddings.

So this brings me back to entrepreneurship and this "make money live good thing."

Much like getting better with relationships I've done the same with business. Previously, I co-founded  a tech start-up called NIKKTTO and currently a marketing consultant for a few million dollar brands. 

I got into creating Actualizely because I became the most resourceful person amongst my friends. 

In the last 10 years, I've compiled a library of useful resources from my millionaire mentors, mastermind groups, and anything that can cut learning curves. Needless to say, my friends urged me to start something.

So let me introduce to you:

Actualizely Weekly Insider

I've made this as valuable as leveraging 1% of the world’s top business content. 

All so you can:

  • Make more cash as your own boss so that you're not counting hours at your boring 9-5
  • Protect and spend more time with your loved ones who are proud of you 
  • Remove your fears of failure so you can obtain your dreams
  • Spend life on your terms doing what you choose and even change the world

I’m not promising you’ll wake up tomorrow as a millionaire or something ridiculous. However, this is the first step into freedom and new ideas. It's the same process as eating better, walking into a gym, or saying hello to the person you desire. 

I know what's it like to take baby steps into something new. It sucks and it can be scary.

I mean look at me. I'm kinda goofy looking and nobody special yet I helped a bunch of people in making cash with my guide 105 Ways Your Can Make $1,000 Fast. 

So think of me as your personal content curator, motivational coach, and advisor.

This information is like a members-only club. Those who "know" will have options while those who don't will miss out and continue feeling frustrated, anxious, and be years behind without any luck of freeing themselves.

What can you expect?

Besides saving yourself thousands of frustrating hours and money if you were to find this on your own...

Each week you’ll get 3 easy to read, step by step articles which you'll borrow ideas from and implement. You'll take action with these ideas. Smashing through obstacles won't be easy, yet I'll make this as simple as possible with something new every week.

How emails will look when I send them to you:

Here’s a sample of the content I’m sending you the next 4 weeks…


  • How 1 entrepreneur makes $13,000 of monthly recurring revenue so you can copy what he does and carve yourself a business
  • How to figure out the deep psychology of your customer using copywriting aka salesmanship in print
  • How you can start a profitable online t-shirt business in less than 24 hours


  • The fast way you can become incredibly charismatic
  • Case study: How to land a $15,000 consulting gig from 1 cold email
  • How these folks made over $900 in 3 days with their simple idea


  • The exact steps you can use to launch a $1,000,000 crowd funding campaign on either IndieGoGo or Kickstarter and fund your dreams
  • Case study: How to make $10,000 a month selling jerky
  • How you can find the perfect product to sell today


  • Case study: How this guy made $23,700 freelancing In 4 Weeks and you can too
  • Learn over 100 advertising secrets so you can sell anything to anyone without ever feeling salesy or guilty
  • Case study: Idea to replacing a full-time salary in less than 4 months and how you can borrow these ideas

And much more every week after

If you’re not already learning from real life case studies and how-to guides, then how can you expect to improve this part of your life?

You’ll continue making the same mistakes over and over again without knowing what you're doing wrong. You'll stay unmotivated and procrastinate because without a path it's overwhelming.

But you don’t have to. Heck, I don’t want you to continue failing which is why…

You shouldn't read another business or self-improvement related article until you've checked this out

You've already gotten my 105 Ways You Can Make $1,000 Fast, now you’re getting an opportunity to upgrade and join my weekly insider.  

As I mentioned, I've already done all the work in finding the best resources for continuing your entrepreneurial journey. You get all the right mindset and tactics to seize the day.  

Instead of being something crazy expensive at $500 when you need to pay bills and spend money on better things (like vacations.)

So try this out:

$12 a month ($0.40 cents a day)

Here's what'll happen: 

  • Skip-embarrassing mistakes you would have made on your own or spent frustrating years figuring this out
  • Make even more money from the real life stories of others who have been there and started out just like you
  • Save time without having to open the whole 200-page book on business or attend a college class which will probably cost you $8,938 a year & $75,000 for a degree.
  • Stop feeling lost in life and find your purpose by living a life most people can't because they never try
  • Impress your friends and family with your new goals and erase any doubts they ever had of you

So if you’re ready…

Click the “Get Started Now” button and immediately join Actualizely Weekly Insider.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. $12 a month ($0.40 cents a day) and not $50? 

Charging $12 a month is reasonable enough it allows anyone to dive right in without hurting their wallet.

You’ll continue learning and every week have something to test out.

Q. Is there a guarantee?

Yes, if you feel like you've gotten nothing out this you can cancel anytime and end your subscription to Actualizely Weekly Insider, then you can email me directly: 

Q. Can I write this expense off on my taxes?

If you claim it as an expense for your small business you can.

Unbeknownst to most, the American government wants us to improve our skills as students or while we're in the workforce to gain an edge. To claim, you'll need to itemize this as a tax deduction.

I'm not an accountant, but when the time comes I recommend doing your due diligence here:

Q. How long will it take to get access to this?

You’ll receive it immediately after payment processing which will take about 10-15 minutes.

Q. Do you have any examples other people who have used Actualizely Weekly Insider?

Here are some folks who contacted me directly on Facebook. With their permission, I share this with you…